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Sunday Express apologises to academy for Islamic fanatics claim

The Sunday Express has apologised and paid libel damages to King Fahd Academy for this headline

The Sunday Express has apologised and paid libel damages to a London school it falsely claimed taught an “extreme form” of Islam.

On June 12 last year the newspaper published an article headlined ‘Spies in schools to hunt fanatics’, in which it alleged the West End based King Fahad Academy taught extremism.

The article, which was also published on the paper’s website, also falsely suggested that the academy had been infiltrated by fanatics.

Their Counsel, Clare Kissin, told Justice Tugendhat in London that the newspaper wrongly stated that the Acton day school, which has over 500 pupils aged from three to 18, taught an “extremist form” of Islam which included anti-Semitic and racist doctrines and some readers may have understood it to suggest it had been infiltrated by dangerous fanatics.

She argued that the school, which was founded almost 30 years ago, had opted to be inspected by Ofsted and its latest report said that, “The school promotes respect and harmony between different cultures and beliefs.”

Kissin said in a statement at the High Court on July 31. “The King Fahad Academy does not teach an extreme form of Islam, nor does it teach its students anti-Semitism or any form of racism and it has not been infiltrated by Islamic fanatics.”

The Sunday Express apologised for the article and said it regretted the distress caused. The paper agreed to pay an undisclosed amount in damages and legal costs to the school.

King Fahad Academy Director, Dr Sumaya Alyusuf, said, “I am very pleased that the newspaper has withdrawn and apologised for these allegations.”

In a statement to The Muslim News he said, “The school can now concentrate on its mission to provide a world class international education to students through a well-balanced curriculum, which aims to produce citizens who appreciate the multicultural world in which we live.”

Source: Muslim News



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